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Rochelle Linae

Hey there! I’m Rochelle, a Business & Financial Advisor dedicated to generating sustainable wealth. As a Business Advisor, I work with businesses to improve profitability by focusing on business strategy, operations, and marketing. I’m also extremely passionate about helping individuals achieve financial success. I serve as a Financial Advisor developing comprehensive financial plans, providing financial literacy trainings, and writing about complex financial topics. I’m also an advocate for creating multiple streams of income and building generational wealth.

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve learned that proper management can be the difference between success or bankruptcy. Business owners are very passionate about their service or skills, but may lack the time or ability to ensure proper back-end management, create an effective marketing strategy, address internal challenges, or focus on the overall financial wellness of their business. As a Business Advisor, I specialize in business strategy and creative marketing solutions for the financial services industry. I’m also a freelance writer developing original content breaking down complex financial topics.

After witnessing a family member lose their business and become overwhelmed with confusing financial debt – I focused on learning more about financial planning and wealth building. As I spoke with people about their current financial challenges, I discovered that many people that were the first in their family to achieve financial success and had no guidance on how to manage their money or grow their wealth. As a Financial Advisor, I  focus on improving personal finances, promoting entrepreneurship, and generating wealth. I work with individuals to develop comprehensive and actionable financial plans, improve financial education, and create multiple streams of income.

For over fifteen years I worked as a Web & Digital Strategist focusing on front-end web development, user experience design, and digital marketing. I’ve worked with a variety of public and private sector entities – ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies – to expand their online presence, redesign websites, improve search engine optimization, generate more website traffic, and increase sales. I gained an immense amount of experience managing my own successful web development company for several years.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland and currently reside in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington D.C., with a very spoiled Cocker Spaniel. When I’m not working on building wealth, you can find me upcycling or restoring something or at local flea markets.

Take a look around and feel free to contact me if you’d like to work together or have questions. I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting my website,
Rochelle Linae